Donna, my wife and co-conspirator, created this ratio chart for doughs and batters based on my book Ratio.  I’ve long had Uwe Hestnar’s ratios framed in my kitchen (he’s the guy who first introduced me to the concept of ratios, the entire meeting of which is described in The Making of a Chef in the chapter “You Understand What I Am Saying?”), and I asked Donna to make one for Doughs and Batters.  It’s pinned on the board beside my desk.  I sometime I just sit and stare at it.  I love it for the information and for the evocative black and white photographs.

Purchasing the Chart

The chart, 11- by 14-inches and printed on archival paper, are $20 (this includes tax and shipping in the U.S. and Canada). If you would like to purchase one, please log into, click the “Send Money” tab, and send $20 to Be sure to let me know in the “Instructions to Seller” field that you’d like the Ratio Chart, and I’ll get one out to you.  If you’d like to pay by check, email me.

Purchasing Donna’s Photographs

Donna is now offering 11- by 14-inch color photos on archival inkjet photo paper for $20 each (this also includes tax and shipping in the U.S. and Canada).  Her photographs can be viewed at  If you’d like one, log into and send $20 to, and be sure to tell us in the instructions to seller field the name of the photo you’d like, and we’ll get it in the mail to you.

Feel free to email me with any questions.  Thanks for your interest in our work!