Ever since I wrote Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, I’ve been a proselytizer for the kitchen scale. It makes measuring easier and cleaner and more accurate, especially when using flour, which can be off by 50% if you measure by volume. So it was a great day when the company that makes these scales asked me to create my perfect scale. That was easy.

  • It would read out in ounces and grams.
  • It could handle at least ten pounds or more for when I make a lot of sausage.
  • It would have a little pop out scale for measuring small amounts or spices and salts to the tenth of a gram.
  • It would have face that you could pull away from the scale when you’ve got a big sheet tray of meat and fat on top.
  • And it would measure in Baker’s Percentages, for easy impromptu bread baking.

And LO! They made it. In fact, David Mulvaney, managing director for Abellio, a wing of HBI which distributes the MyWeigh scales, said, “It’s the best kitchen scale we make.”

And yet it hasn’t sold–because it was released in the Spring of 2015, when my life exploded and I didn’t even register that it had even appeared. Nor did just about anybody else. It went virtually unnoticed.

Then, last fall, I was working with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, at his restaurant Jean-Georges in Manhattan, when one of the young chefs there approached me and said, “I really love your scale.” I had no idea it was out there. I contacted Mulvaney and he said, best scale we have, but no one’s buying.

Because no one has promoted!

So I have just begun, and must do so fast or the company may discontinue the model. Which would be a real shame. So if you’re in the market for a kitchen scale, I hope you’ll consider The Maestro Scale, which comes with my baking ratios included. It’s also available through Walmart and Jet.com. And another kitchen scales purveyor has all the details and specs here, Old Will Knott Scales.

If you know bakers and cooks, hope you’ll mention this one-of-a-kind, super affordable scale.



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