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Perhaps the worst feeling in the kitchen is approaching a task for which you don’t have the proper tools. Being asked to slice something without a proper knife, or being asked to follow a cake recipe without adequate measuring devices. I was once tasked with making popcorn on the stovetop though none of the lids fit any of the pans appropriate for popcorn. I banged around in the kitchen in frustration, irritating everyone.

This is why I love my kitchen tools. They perform. They are elegant. They enhance the experience of cooking. My flat edged wood spoons, for instance, are perfect for stirring anything in a pot. My offset spoons are lovely to behold and a pleasure to use (Mac and I were able to patent the design). Our meat mallet is featured first in this month’s Bon Appetit Gift Guide. I will never have a kitchen that doesn’t include our bamboo scrubber, which scrapes off baked-on cheese, eggs, scorched milk then rinses clean.

In keeping with the American holiday gift selling tradition of Cyber Monday, we are offering 35% off on all goods on shop.ruhlman.com (good through tomorrow). Just enter the promo code JINGLE and be sure to let us know any problems or glitches. (And HUGE apologies to folks outside the US; for reasons too tedious to get into, we’re unable to ship outside the country.)

Happy Holidays all!


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