Spoon Bundle w egg square

Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman


Hope everyone had a happy and bountiful holiday.

Yes, it’s Cyber Monday! And we’re making all the tools from shop.ruhlman.com 50% off. Be sure to use the promo code: eggnog into the designated field. Mac and I made these tools to make cooking easier and more fun; and their distinctive looks makes them a good influence in the kitchen even when you’re not cooking with them.

These tools began with the simple offset spoon, still my favorite. Great for basting and skimming as it dips naturally into the pan. The offsetness let to offset soup spoons, ones that won’t slide into the soup! And then the big offset serving spoon.

Of coarse the flat edged wooden paddles are a must in every kitchen. I don’t care what Ted Allen says. I travel with them. But the whole spoon bundle is the best, with the Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon. Deal ends tonight at midnight EST.

Wishing you all a stress-free, love filled holiday season with great cooking and baking in your home.


Shop Ruhlman

Promo Code: eggnog

Ends Tuesday, December 2nd at 12am EST.



11 Wonderful responses to “Cyber Monday! All Ruhlman Tools 50% Off”

  • Lora N Louisville

    YES!!!!! I was foolish last year and missed this! I am so excited to get these and this is MY Christmas present to ME!

    But your posts are like Christmas everyday!


  • James O.

    Michael — I recall reading that your store puts a bunch of people in the greater Cleveland area to work; it’s not just a source of income for you and Mac.

    The 50 percent off — what’s the lost revenue affecting most? The Cleveland-area workers? Your profits? A mix of both?

    Not meaning to pry; Just trying to stay socially responsible, here. I’d hate to think I was saving a few bucks at the expense of well-deserving Cleveland folks.

    • ruhlman

      good question, james. yes, we use vocational guidance services which puts somehow disabled or hard to reenter the workforce people to work. we love this institution. to answer your question, mac and I are basically selling the tools at our cost so we don’t make money on the tools, but we still pay for the VSG costs, so the people who need it most benefit greatly (we pay them on a per order basis), but mac and I don’t lose money. so it’s a win-win for all, we hope.

  • Phil

    $13 for shipping spoons? I love the offset spoons but that literally takes away the 50% off. BTW, any tips on dry curing lamb? I heard you speak at Balena in Chicago when you were doing your latest Charcuterie book tour, while I was working there. It was great. Thanks!

  • Laura

    I feel like a d-bag for noticing this but . . . it’s 5 cents cheap to order the spoon sets separately than to order the bundle. Course, after reading you’re selling at cost and putting people to work, it doesn’t matter much in the end.

  • Josh

    To buy the spoons or not to buy spoons is thy ? . If you own all Micheals books like I do then these are the spoons for you .

  • JoP in Omaha

    The spoons are awesome. I have a set and ordered more this time ’round. Super-sturdy and super-smooth, these are a pleasure to use. And they’re gorgeous, too. I love these spoons. They’ll probably last forever.

    Michael, thanks for the Cyber Monday sale and for pairing up with VGS.