The center of the egg, the yolk. One perfectly hard boiled and the other in its natural state. Photos by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient. It honestly did come to me in something like a flash, or a series of small idea explosions, one leading to another to another until the entire landscape went up in flames. The whole of the egg, a miracle of nutrition, economy, utility, and deliciousness, came to me as a single image. All one thing.

In this euphoria of eureka, I called out to Donna to help me capture it. Within the hour we had a complete flowchart of the egg on five feet of parchment paper, a document that served as the proposal for this book (and that its publisher, Little, Brown, has not only recreated and tucked into the back of the book, but made interactive in the astonishing electronic version). I will be on Morning Edition later this week, and on it the host, Steve Inskeep, asked me to read a paragraph from the Introduction. Having not read it in a year, I was struck by how concisely it summed up the new book, officially published today.

“In the kitchen, the egg is ultimately neither ingredient nor finished dish but rather a singularity with a thousand ends. Scrambled eggs and angel food cake and ice cream and aioli and popovers and gougères and macarons and a gin fizz aren’t separate entities, they’re all part of the egg continuum, they are all one thing. The egg is a lens through which to view the entire craft of cooking. By working our way through the egg, we become powerful cooks.”

We become powerful cooks when we know the egg. And that’s what this big-ass egg cookbook is all about. Each recipe is an example of a single end the egg brings us to, dozens and dozens of different ends.

Please help me welcome the publication of Egg! And of course I’m giving away a signed copy; just mention in the comments section your favorite way of using an egg (even if it’s throwing it at writers).

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© 2014 Michael Ruhlman. Photo © 2014 Donna Turner Ruhlman. All rights reserved.


387 Wonderful responses to “Egg Launch and Giveaway”

  • Michael Trippe

    As your book illustrates, there are many,many ways to enjoy eggs. For me, though, simpler is best. A simple over easy egg with a slice or two of bacon and some toast. Classic and delicious.

  • Sam

    Tied for favorite: 1) Over easy fried egg wrapped into a breakfast burrito. 2) Chocolate Mousse.

  • Jan Farrell

    I have an egg every morning, whipped with heavy cream and cooked in butter and sometimes with a little cheddar cheese tossed in. I’ve taught my 8 year old granddaughter how to make them that way, and she makes them for others. Her aunt said as she was eating some, “These are the best eggs I’ve ever had!” According to my daughter, when she is in someone’s kitchen and is going to make them she’ll open their fridge and ask, “so do you have any heavy cream?”

  • Chuck McLean

    Egg in a nest using our homemade cheddar bread! With bacon and coffee with a shot of Baileys and my sweetie and the Sunday paper on a cold winter weekend morning.

  • Larry Wagner

    I have been doing fritattas for my paleo breakfasts. All different variations of meat and veggies. The possibilities are endless. Add a little cottage cheese to the blender and they become so fluffy and light! I never get tired of them.

  • Indigotea

    In chocolate mousse. The yolks mixed with the melted chocolate to take it from thick and heavy to smooth and glossy, and then the beaten egg whites making the whole thing light as air. You don’t even think of it as being an egg dish, but they are the transformative, irreplaceable element.

  • kimberly

    A poached egg on ripped up buttered toast with lots of pepper.

  • Garth Clingingsmith

    Broken yolk fried egg, on simple white bread (non toasted) with Hellman’s mayo.

  • Lee

    Soft poached on top of lightly grilled salmon, on top of a green salad.

  • AE

    As the, at turns, yolky and crispy, warm dressing atop a bowl of grains, simply prepared seasonal veggies, and cool avocado slices, with salt, pepper and a squiggle of sriracha to finish.

  • Steve

    It’s so hard to pick, but I think I have to say poached with bacon and toast and a generous shake of tabasco. Breakfast doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Doug Hiza

    Ah, the frittata…a great standby for when you can’t think of what to cook or when you have so many great fresh vegetables to use somehow or when you want a simple breakfast/lunch/dinner with a friend who stopped over or..

  • Aaron Rishell

    Big fan of the breakfast sandwich. Pancetta, a good cheese, scrambled egg, arugala and a dab of tabasco. Perfect start to the morning.

  • Nicola Brennan

    Deep fried over spinach and duck bacon salad. Salivating thinking about it now. Guess that’s Sunday brunch sorted!

  • Lene Johansen

    I prefer my egg hardboiled, on a thick slice of multigrain bread, with a good pile of Norwegian caviar on top. Norwegian caviar is snoked cod roe that has been creamed. Yummylicious.

  • Tim Donahue

    I’ve “rediscovered” soft-boiled eggs. So pure and soothing.

  • sillygirl

    Although I use eggs in cooking and occasionally make German Egg Cakes from someone else’s recipe sometimes I just want a fried egg – crispy at the edges.

  • SOL

    Begin as if frying the egg(s) in a small pan, once the bottom is set, add a tablespoon of water and cover. The steam finishes the white with grace and leaves the yolk perfectly runny- in far less time and fuss than the poached or over easy versions while capturing the best of both versions. Congrats on the new boos in hand-candy and e versions.

  • Anne

    over medium, whites crispy, yolk runny, all sliced up and gathered into the middle of my plate with a few dashes of hot sauce on top and a slice or two of bacon to make sure no yolk gets left behind!

  • Troy Banks

    I am simplistic, an over easy egg on a crust of baguette.

  • Gayle

    As much as I am looking forward to playing with the electronic version, hard copies of your work are always welcome in my kitchen!

    I am having a major, serious poached egg phase at the moment. They just make everything better. I know designers were having a “put a bird on it” phase a few years ago; I am having a “put an egg on it” phase now.
    When they have hollandaise on them, I guess that counts as two favorite preparations, though….

  • Plays With Food

    Dominic Cerino’s Blue Egg Carbonara: Araucana eggs+extra runny yolks, his house-made guanciale and house made pasta. It’s been almost a year since we lost him, and your post somehow made me think of him and this dish.

  • Marcus

    I’ve just recently come back to scrambled eggs. After I stopped eating the wet strangled scrambled eggs of my youth, it took 15 years to return. Now, scrambled eggs are creamy curds that can probably compete with just about any fancy food I know. Welcome back!

  • mgerush

    I found a source for local, pastured eggs just outside of Dallas proper. I love them soft-boiled with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. I can’t wait to read your book! What a great subject…

  • Dave Polak

    I love eggs but my favourite way of eating one is cracking a raw egg over dolsot bibimbap and mixing it in letting the clay pot and hot rice, meat, and veggies cook the egg. Delicious.

  • Thomas Osborne

    Fried egg sandwich. With pesto, pancetta and basil tucked into a pan dura roll (from the excellent Village Baker in Bend, Oregon).

  • Blyth P

    For me, eggs by itself are best hard boiled, sliced in half, and sprinkled with a little salt and pepper.

  • Michael Villar

    I like my eggs fried over easy on a bed of creamy polenta. I’ve been known to invite garlicky spinach to the party as well.

  • Brian Matheson

    I love a good carbonara. And for the whole animal in us, egg shells make excellent compost for your tomato beds.

  • Duke

    Last night was asparagus & diced ham covered with easy fried eggs and grated pecorino. A tasty way to clean out the fridge.

  • Max Entman

    Soft boiled with toast soldiers – maldon salt, coarse pepper.

  • Cindy

    My favorite use for eggs is whipped and used in waffle batter. Yummmy…

  • Jarrod

    I have been using my sous vide machine to slow cook farm fresh eggs. Can’t wait to check out the new book!

  • Kamna

    Big cheers for your book! I love eggs, but the most mouthwatering of all is what brings back the childhood memories of my mom. Heat a tsp of ghee on tawa( griddle ), break the egg over it.just as the white is almost cooked ,sprinkle a little salt,stir the yolk into the white and immediately take it off on a hot chapati smeared with ghee. Eat right away. Don’t miss.

  • Kamna

    I would love to have your book and try out all the recipes. Hope I win the giveaway!

  • Charlotte Muller

    Oh boy! I love the thoroughness of all of Mr. Ruhlman’s books and his very easy-to-understand writing style!

  • Grace

    Using egg yolk as a thickening agent in baking. There are so many things you can create when you transform egg yolks to custards, pastry creams, curds, etc. Then taking those bases to everything from pies to croquembouche!

  • JoP in Omaha

    My faves: Well, there’s egg custard…so smooth and silky. Next is poached eggs on toast (and now with my bad ass egg spoon I can make poached eggs with ease and success). Scrambled with bits of bacon stirred in is a comfort, as well. I mustn’t leave out angel food cake. Or meringues, light and crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. So many ways I love eggs. I’m going to enjoy your Egg! book

  • Brookes

    Eggs over easy on a plate of homemade chilaquiles! *sigh* only 5 more months until I can enjoy this again…the sacrifices we make for pregnancy. 🙂

  • Mia

    Poached, over almost anything – such as creamy polenta and veggies or in shakshuka; semi-hard-boiled, enjoyed simply with homemade mayonnaise (your recipe!), salt and pepper; fried, over avocado toast or Asian fried rice; in pots de creme and eclairs… I can go on. Love the egg! Excited about this new book.

  • Kath the Cook

    I do love a deviled egg….. Particularly around Easter is seems.

  • Jerry Norman

    Pre ordered mine the day you wrote a column about it months ago. Got it yesterday. Gorgeous. Not included was the signed poster LB promised. Oh well. My kitchen walls are pretty full already. BTW, baked eggs with feta and pancetta are my favorite.

  • Phil Staffa

    Soft-boiled with a pat of herb butter, and little salt and pepper. Congratulations on your new book!

  • Mike Riley

    My usual breakfast from our backyard ladies is two eggs fried over well in butter, with a dash of salt & pepper. Though if an over easy egg happens to be draped over a bowl of steamed kale and crispy pigs ear, I won’t mind a little yolk-dressing!

  • Maureen

    A separate piece…of Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie!

    The yolks shine in a yellow marriage with lemon in the curd, and the whites stand tall in fluffy sweet, bronzed meringue.

    My favorite dessert after any fish meal.

  • Jena

    When I make red braised pork belly, I’m left with a big pot of rock candy syrupy goodness. I marinate soft boiled eggs in the leftover liquids. It’s my version of ajitsuke tamago.

  • Mary Rodas

    A steaming soft boiled egg sprinkled with salt served with golden buttered toast soldiers for dipping. We called them dip eggs in my youth!

  • Erin Benanti

    My favorite way to eat an egg is poached and served on top of toast with lentils, sautéed spinach and caramelized onion. Runny yolks make the best sauce!

  • Scott Dieter

    Two poached eggs served on two slices of whole wheat toast is my favorite meal of all time.

  • Skip

    A Croque Madame. A beautiful grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried or poached egg on top with a streaming runny yolk.

  • Merna

    I love eggs, but best is a fried egg sandwich with plenty of sautéed onions on rye bread.

  • I-Wei Feng

    Mixing a raw egg into a hot pot dipping sauce with sacha, cilantro, green onions.

  • katie

    Currently I love eggs sunny side up with something like hash to absorb the runny yolk.

  • Heath

    Poached is good, but lately I’ve been baking eggs:

    6oz ramekin, warmed pat of better, fresh egg, tablespoon of some kind of sauce, a ragu or whatever, some parmigiano reggiano, sprig of herbs or whatever and maybe a chunk of fresh cheese. 325f for 12 minutes in my oven is perfect. Might finish under the broiler.

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  • Bob

    In pate a choux. (Which, naturally, I learned from some writer who did a book called Ratio …)

  • ride&cook

    A poached egg with a piece of rye toast, the perfect breakfast. Egg salad sandwich on white toast with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.