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Inspired, manic post from Shuna on The Weeds, working harder, working faster, cooks' ethos and the chef's responsibilities.

–You've got to be able to dice five carrots for every one the cook you're training does. Nathan Klingbail, a talented Chicago cook, told me if for nothing else every cook in his kitchen respected the chef because they knew that that chef at any moment could walk onto their station and cook better and faster than they could; I'll never forget that; I know it made every cook in that kitchen push themselves every day.

–Dan Turgeon: "You can ALWAYS work faster."

–But Eric Zeibold: "Don't work faster, work smarter."

–But: working smarter makes the work faster.  They're both right.

–Nice Shuna.  I know how hard it is to get that kitchen energy, that kitchen mind, into words.  On the money.


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  • luis

    Steven, Some people are routinelly promoted past their level of contribution. In the end it hurts them as much as they hurt everyone under them. YOu either get it! and know what’s important or you don’t and your superior will pay the price of your incompetency or burn your ass. It’s all part o’tha process…. This would be particularly true for graduates of the culinary institutes.
    You either age gracefully and improve with age or you are launched outa torpedo tube and SHOCKED!!!!!!! into the real world.

  • luis

    Rhulman, there is a greek restaurant here in sofl at 17th and Coral way. I have eaten there exactly once with the fam thing.
    But here is the thing. We stopped in and dined and we all pretty much agreed the food was pretty wonderful. Like cooked right with care and wisdom.
    The thing is that after we paid and were leaving the joint we all walked past the kitchen window.
    There was a friendly smiling chef, like he knew what he had served us and he wished to see first hand how we liked it.
    Not like he was wondering or anything. More like he KNEW he had delivered and wanted to see if we KNEW what we had just had?.
    THIS IS PRECIOUS………….This is RIGHT and NOT! wrong.
    I shook his hand and made a little prayer the Lord bless him and his place and his fam…..and his pets.

  • Chico

    faustianbargain, you’ve given up about 6 times now…how about just doing it? Can we just move on now?

  • David Owen

    I am totally tired of kitchen heroics – people trying to hype cooking into the level of epic noble suffering.
    The stress is an entirely artificial man-made set of values with no objective reality other than humans abusing other humans or behaving obsessively.
    As if a cook making someone’s dinner is in an equivalent situation to an air-sea rescue team with divers feeding survivors onto the chopper line at midnight in high seas.