14 Wonderful responses to “Yellow”

  • NancyH

    Michael – what a beautiful yolk (and photo)! Can you identify your source for these lovely looking eggs?

  • artnlit

    Nice, Ruhlman. Great causes to support! Cheers, Bonnie (artnlit)

  • Darcie

    I think that Chris was bummed, as I am, that we missed the cooking contest. I love yellow foods: eggs, all things lemon, yellow veggies. It would have been fun to participate in the contest.

  • Chris

    I am pleased to know that I have not missed Livestrong Day. I am still bummed that I missed the deadline for the contest…

    Not to sound like a gushing sycophant but it is really cool know that someone you admire takes the time to read their blog comments and take the time to comment back.


  • Tim

    Three cheers for Barbara for her involvement in this wonderful cause and to Michael for his support. We may not be able to participate in the contest, but I will wear my yellow wristband proudly on May 13th as I have for the past four years.

  • barbara

    Wow thank you so much for the shout out Michael. I’ve had a huge amount of entries so the round up on May 13th will be fabulous with some great recipes and photos.

  • wcw

    Mildly off-topic, but: does anyone know why the cheapest supermarket eggs in Minneapolis are orange-yellow yolked, tasty and cheap, while the fanciest free-range eggs back home in San Francisco tend to be washed-out-cream yolked, bland, mediocre, and super-expensive?

    Honestly, I don’t get it. Friend of my parents kept chickens in the foothills, and their eggs were good, too. What’s wrong with the commercial product here?

  • Lisa

    wcw: Also, the interior firmness decreases with age. So, the cheap eggs sell quickly and get re-stocked quickly, and are therefore often the freshest ones in the store. The organic, vegetarian-feed only eggs costing three times as much don’t sell as quickly and therefore sit n the shelf longer at the store before going to your home.

    When I was in culinary school, we had the best eggs. This was mostly due to the fact that they were delivered directly to the school from the farm several times a week and we used them within a day or two of delivery.

  • michelle

    I love the contrast of photos, “not by donna” and by “none other than donna”, too good!

  • kanani

    What a great idea. Kudos to Barbara for taking the time and bringing so many people together. I write, but my bread and butter is as a surgical clinic administrator. We treat a lot of cancer patients. No matter how many people we see, it never fails to shake the staff up when a biopsy report come in positive, but it also gives us great joy when someone comes through the experience and beats it. Thank you Barbara. You’re support means a lot.

  • Russ

    Greetings Michael:
    An off the subject question. I’m taking an ACF kitchen practical soon and am confused by advice for a certain part. What IS the proper cut for matignon ? Escoffier says paysanne but can the cuts be different for each item or do you have to choose only one ? And I was told to make it crispy but how do you do that when you are stewing ?
    Your opinion will be very much appreciated. Thank-you.