I’ve been asked by a prominent cooking magazine to identify upcoming food trends.  I’ve talked with chefs and other food professionals to get their ideas but I thought I’d throw the question out to any readers of this blog who have strong feelings about what’s on the horizon in the home kitchen.  It might be an ingredient, chipotle powder, or a preparation, arancini, say, or chimichurri sauce.  Any food prognosticators out there, please feel free to make suggestions.  Thanks.

UPDATE:  Thank you all who took the time to comment.  I’m grateful for your help!


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  • another outspoken female

    A move away from dairy and beef. Partially due to the ecological considerations but also people are on the verge of waking up and realising the calcium-dairy connection is a total con.

    A move towards seeds, nuts, beans, home grown vegetables, backyard eggs.

  • Robyn

    From Asia:

    -seaweed (dressed as a salad) – already appearing in some US restos
    -Philippine artisan vinegars made from coconut palm sap, sugar cane, and nipa palm sap
    -small-batch palm sugars from Malaysia and Indonesia (darker, smokier, more complex than Thai)
    -a wild variety of dried wild mushrooms from China’s Yunnan province

    Regional Asian cuisines: southern Thai, northern Thai, Yunnanese, Xinjiang, central Vietnamese (Hue)

  • The Gobbler

    My predicted food trends

    Old fashioned Tea-Room chic
    Cold Duck or Barossa Pearl
    The in-between sorbet
    Nouvelle Cuisine
    The Dinner Dance
    Mongolian barbeque
    Public school canteen food
    Themed restaurants
    D-list celebrity cookbooks
    Prison food

    Predicted Food related TV shows

    Get me outta here, I’m an apprentice!
    Survivor, Hobart café scene
    Desperate Restaurateurs
    Better Home Hill & Garde Manger
    K.S.I. Hobart
    Mise en place-ing with the stars
    My workplace agreement Rules
    Big Brasserie live: Double Booking
    Everybody loves Rainbow Trout

    Reality TV food related shows

    ‘Catch me if you can’
    Kind of Survivor meets The Amazing Race meets Lord of the flies. A team of people are dropped on a dessert island without food. The only thing that they have truckloads of is booze, speed & a selection of violent Charles Bronson videos. Meanwhile as their hunger gnaws, a pink & chubby, white, middle aged man with a disposition for complaining is dropped onto the island with a secret map to a cave full of KFC. You can guess who the sponsors will be.

    ‘Celebrity market-gardener’
    In this show notable food celebrities are plunged into the frightening & unfamiliar world of growing their own food. The idea is to get them out of their studios & demo kitchens & out into the unfamiliar world of where real actually food comes from. Highlights for viewers will include: Nigella tip toeing in heels through boggy marsh to collect samphire for weekend brunch

    ‘Cooking with the stars’
    Like its cousin, Dancing with the stars, this show will pair a novice with a notable food personality & together they will try to cook a repertoire of dishes throughout the season. The predictable line up of judges will include the earnest one, the grizzled but fair veteran, the schmaltzy favourite & the nasty asshole.

    ‘Get me ‘outtta here I’m a celebrity chef!’
    The hilarious escapades of Jamie, Gordon & Rick as they are each assigned, under cover of course to work in; a hospital, a prison kitchen & a school. Find out what the general public really think!

    ‘Kitchen swap’
    The premise of this show is to take a wealthy food obsessed couple accustomed to first growth olive oils, Iberico ham & truffles & throw them into the roles of a family just surviving on the bread line. Watch enthralled as they negotiate the myriad of home brand products, seconds & remainders as they struggle to feed their family.

    ‘World’s funniest famines’
    “We take twelve super obese, heavy users of fast food & drop them into a famine” Snarls the promo. “Watch amazed as they flounder, anguish & eventually succumb to the inevitable” Wow what will they dream up next!?

    Seriously though, I think the last great frontier will be food from the home. We have been ‘nesting’ for the best part of a decade, insulating ourselves from the world with accoutrements, trappings & distractions.
    More than ever, we will need to learn how to grow, preserve & cook our own food-It wont be a status symbol but a matter of survival.

  • Suz

    Imported trends: Arepas and other street foods from South America, Asia, mid-East, etc., Greek yogurt

    Coming back: eggs of all kinds in all ways; real sugar in boutique processed foods; unusual sugars.

    Moving up: Mixology at home with homemade mixers & bitters, tonic water, fresh mix-ins

    Movements: Locavore, CSAs, eating lower on the food chain (cows! methane! global warming!, preserving

  • miser

    The return of the pressure cooker!

    Same results as a slow cooker, but within 15 minutes. What’s not to love? And safety features have made them idiot proof, no more explosions. (I can attest to that.)

    This would make total sense–it makes cheaper cuts of meat magically tender and delicious within minutes. Can your slow cooker do that? Also, I would think energy-wise, isn’t it preferable to make a lamb stew in 15 minutes in a pressure cooker rather than over 8 hours in a slow cooker?

  • Fala

    I’m totally late for this but, I’d like to see more people go for “wild” foods that are harvested by those in the know who will not do damage to the enironment they’ve harvested from.

    I think a lot more people will continue to eat seasonally and organically, however I hope that this trend encompasses eating locally. Eating organically only goes so far when you ship it from Chile to NYC…

    I’m adding to the “home grown” trend, maybe more community gardens too…