"Chef" Bourdain and I  have completed the nominees list for the Golden Clogs, penned by Tony and posted today on Eater.

Also described on snackblog.


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    For the THE SUPREME ORDER OF CLOGNESS AWARD, I nominate Alice Waters.

    If by get it, you mean an “A” in spelling, I nominate whoever spelled STEINGRARTEN AWARD.

    Humble Pie Award – Michael Ruhlman for letting Eater.com get first dibs.

  • chadzilla

    Wow! What a list. Is there any chance of public influence over the outcome? My only day at SoBe Food & Wine is Sunday, and I am dissappointed that I will miss the ceremony.
    Thanks for honoring a New Orleans boy, Donald Link (even for simply naming a restaurant, Cochon).
    Can I add another New Orleanian, Tom Fitzmorris, for the Douchebag award (simply for not acknowledging Yat-Ca-Mein as a real New Orleans dish as rooted as any other there) and being the scourge of New Orleans chefs for years.
    Sean Brock (http://seanbrock.wordpress.com/) for the Chef’s Chef award… flying somehow consistently under the radar… utilizing techniques of modern cuisine while still growing a lot of his own produce (he’s like a hybrid of Wylie Dufresne and Dan Barber).
    Also, while on the subject, Wylie Dufresne for the Supreme Order Award… if for nothing else, than for the fact that he literally had a thousand chefs trying to eat at WD~50 at once during Star Chefs 2007 ICC in New York last September. And he pulled it off!!!
    And also, those are crocs… not clogs. Chefs don’t wear crocs. Those are for tourists.

  • hollerhither

    Great to see a nod to Chef Picard (that must have been Bourdain’s doing?). Trotters, charcuterie, and duck in a can…an unforgettable meal in snowy Montreal.

    Didn’t make a dent in the poutine, naturally.

  • CG

    I heard Tony at the Commonwealth Club evening in Lafayette, CA. At the book signing afterward I asked him, “So what should I call you? Chef Bourdain, Mr. Bourdain?” He replied, “Call me Tony.”


  • Dick Black

    I’d like to know what Bob del Grosso thinks of these awards.

    And why no mention of Rachel Ray ? You taking it easy on her ?

  • Paul DeLuca

    Michael, I think you and Tony deserve an award yourselves just for thinking of this and executing it with the required irreverence. Hopefully there will be video.

  • Darcie

    Great names for the awards – they brought a chuckle to my day. I want to vote for the North Dakota person for the Looking for Love… award, since that’s my home state! Any time someone wants to visit ND (breathtaking panoramas and a black market for illegal blood sausage), let me know, I’ll hook you up. My mom, who still lives there, just took a career turn as a butcher (?!?) so I can also help folks score some really good beef and pork if they visit. I really like to promote ND, because it’s terribly underrated. Well, except for the winters.

    My other unsolicited vote goes to Robert Irvine for the Cat Cora award. The more I hear about him, the more he sounds like a schmuck.

    You have got to give the Semi-Ho something…maybe make some kind of alcohol abuse award (as in what she does to booze is criminal)..

  • ErikaK

    Awesome! Almost (but not quite) makes me wish I was in Miami.
    I love the Cat Cora award category. I don’t know who the heck Robert Irvine is either but his show is a strange train-wreck that I can’t seem to avoid (my son and husband love it).

  • Natalie Sztern

    Definitely Martin Picard…go monsieur….and when u see him ask him if he has any posters or artwork in English and if he does you are going to report him to the language police…yeah u heard me right: we have language police who make sure restaurants have no english, even in their decor!

  • brandon_w

    Awesome stuff. Are you and Bourdain actually getting together in Miami to hand these out to no one? If so, you really need to get it on video and put it on youtube.

  • Kristin

    So where is Scott Bryan these days? Last I heard he was doing a fantastic job at 2941 in Falls Church, Va. I had heard last that he was supposed to be apart of 10 Downing in New York is that not happening?

  • Kay

    They should give Robert Irvine and Jag a show together called “Phoodie Phonies” and let them cook in Mark Summers’ kitchen without cleaning up afterward.

  • Natalie Sztern

    what about an award for the MOST IDIOTIC POST BY A BLOGGER of the year?

  • Natalie Sztern

    what about an award for the MOST IDIOTIC POST BY A BLOGGER of the year?

  • Snoozer

    I just read that Martha Stewart bought out Emeril. That’s got to warrant some kind of special award. Emeril working for Martha? Cognitive dissonance indeed!

  • Steven

    Why not call them the golden cog snob awards?

    Then you might need a supreme order of snobbishness award.


  • SwillMonkey

    >>John Mariani for continuing to be John Mariani and do what he does so well. Which is–apparently–get free stuff;

    How about an award for Tools Who Never Go Away.

    Mariani was a tool back in the Prodigy days. I’m sure he got his account for free.

  • Rachael

    “LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THR WRONG PLACES AWARD Nominees: MJ Adams at the Corn Exchange in Rapid City SD…”

    Make fun of Rapid City all you want but I thank my lucky stars that someone great is at the helm. My dinner at the Corn Exchange back in December was AMAZING. I’m salivating just thinking about it. It’s a good excuse to go back and visit the folks! Plus the place seemingly does good business considering the fact that it’s in a podunk tourist town.

  • Shelley

    Three observations…

    Ruhlman, your “snackblog” link also points to Eater.com.

    Is it just me, or do the commenters on Eater.com seem a whole lot snarkier than Ruhlman’s blog followers?

    I am delighted to see that Cloggy #2, “For being on Food Network and yet, somehow managing to Not Suck,” is dubbed The Alton. That’s even better than giving the award to Mr. Brown himself.

  • Rachael

    French Laundry:
    I forgot- Rachael Ray DID go there when she was in Rapid, didn’t she? I tried to avoid that episode.

    For the record, I tip very well just to make up for Ray’s idiocy in restaurants. I also start each meal by saying “Yum-o” a lot and feigning orgasmic pleasure over dishes before spitting it out on the plate when the camera’s off.

    But really, I’ll harp on it again: you guys can be SO cruel to the plains/midwest. It’s not all cornfields and cowboy boots out there! We gots some cultures too, y’know!

    And the more I think about it, the more Corn Exchange beats any meal I’ve had yet, and I live in SF now. Though I STILL haven’t made it to Incanto so perhaps I’ll be changing my mind.

  • Claudia

    Michael and Tony, is it too late to consider instituting a Shit Brown Cloggie (aka, the Rachael Ray Cloggie) for . . . well . . . Rachael Ray? Or other worthy contenders? It’s Thursday. Plenty of time and Negronis between now and tomorrow afternoon, poolside, to think about it . . .

  • The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

    Hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing…

    And kudos to you guys for giving Mark Vetri a nod. I am a big fan of his food and have always wondered why he wasn’t popping up on the media’s radar. Bad pr…now that explains it.


  • Adele

    For those of us, who can’t make it to SoBe, is there any chance that the awards show will be recorded? Michael, is Donna down there with you, and is she even half as good with a video camera as she is with a still camera?

    I’m sure many bloggers wait with baited breath in the hope that we can see the presentations.

  • Cheryl

    Hey-Irvine just got canned(literally) from FN. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. (I think QVC may be hiring)!

  • Cheryl

    Hey-Irvine just got canned(literally) from FN. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. (I think QVC may be hiring)!