Grant Achatz, diagnosed with a stage 4 tongue cancer this summer, released a statement yesterday saying that he is cancer free thanks to aggressive chemo and radiation.   He missed relatively few services and did not lose his tongue.  Recovery from all the treatment is slow, no doubt, and he’ll be checked monthly by his docs,  but the news couldn’t be any better. Bruni’s blog has the statement, and the Chicago Tribune food blog also covers it.

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24 Wonderful responses to “Achatz Update: Cancer Free”

  • Natalie Sztern

    Who could ask for a better xmas present…to read of this puts a smile on any face even those that don’t know Chef personally..any cure of cancer is a gift to us all

  • JoP in Omaha

    That’s awesome news. I’ve been thinking about him the past couple of weeks, wondering how he’s doing. Thanks for passing on the news.

  • jaye joseph

    Kick ass! I got the same Christmas present yesterday myself (well, continued remission actually). Of course, the lingering effects of chemo are a bitch for all of us who’ve been through it. Hopefully he’ll be able to find his “new normal” soon!

  • CarolinaGirl

    Christmas Miracle. Congratulations to Chef.
    @ Jaye, congrats to you as well, here’s to many more holiday seasons with your family and friends!

  • Nathalie

    Thank God!

    I can still remember the sense of numbing shock upon hearing murmurs of his illness, from my Chef, during inside kitchen mise-talk.

    This is absolutely great news.God speed Chef Achatz.

  • Shannon

    How ironic it is for a chef to have tongue cancer of all places in the body.

    I’m happy to hear he’s going to be OK afterall!!

    What a spectacular Christmas gift.

  • Jordan

    Great, great news for the end of the year.
    I’m so happy for Grant and his family.
    Thank you too for keeping us all posted.

  • veron

    Yay! Fantastic news indeed. A chef’s tastebuds are his most important asset. On a related note, I wonder if there are any long term studies of the effects of this new food technology stuff application in restaurants on our health. ..glycerol monostearate ..methylcellulose all this dehydrated stuff – all widely used in industrial food preparation – however at a smaller scale like in restaurants – is it really safe? Even sous vide – is simmering food in plastic really good for our health especially after the warning about heat’s effect on plastic water bottles.
    I ask this because I so want to try sous vide for duck confit and I just received a sample of transglutaminase (meat glue) that I am itching to try on some steaks but the package came with so many warnings like avoid contact with eyes , do not inhale …etc…

  • Claudia

    What fabulous news – a lot of people were pulling for Grant! Thanks for the update, Michael. Please make sure Grant sees all our good wishes for him and his young family. Their best present this year is knowing that they’ll have their father around for many more Christmases.

  • Peter

    Great news, and just in time for Xmas. Also, thanks for my Xmas present – replacing that er, uhm… B&W pic; with the old cartoon!

  • Todd

    This is great news.

    My thoughts go out to him still for his continued battle back to normalcy after the treatment he endured.

    As well for his continued battle against the disease. May he never have to face the word ‘relapse’ and that he be steadfast and healthy hence. Strength to you, Chef Achatz.

    And thank you for keeping us informed, Michael.

  • Jeff

    As someone who is now recovering from chemo and radiation treatment for sinus cancer, this posting brings me incredible joy and hope – I’m sure the news is an incredible relief for Chef Achatz.
    What great optimism and spirit he brings to all tables!

  • pat clemente

    What wonderful words to hear right before Christmas, “cancer free”. I’m sure Chef Grant and his family are so relieved. Lost a son to cancer a year and a half ago, so I know what a hard path you had to walk. Best wishes to all, Merry Christmas and a HealthyNew Year.
    Pat Clemente

  • artnlit

    This is such great news, especially right before the holidays! I’m so happy for Grant!

  • Kal

    I first heard this from a Google News alert I’ve had set to keep me abreast of Chef Achatz’s condition. The first article it sent me was entitled “Achatz Uses The R-Word.” It took me a second to figure out what that meant — and then I was text-messaging and e-mailing every foodie friend I have to share the good news.

    And isn’t it just like Chef Achatz to not only keep track of how many dinner services he missed, but note the tally in his press release…nothing keeps this guy down. He’s an inspiration. “Onward,” as his press release signs off, indeed.

  • truenorthern

    Thanks for the update Michael. This is the best possible news. I hope hios treatment hasn’t affected his palate too much.

  • Sakurako

    I’m glad, and I hope he heals quickly from the treatment. I remember very well the radiation burns that steal the sense of taste and make swallowing an agony.

    Here’s to continued good health-news!