A reminder for those in the land where they throw fish, I’ll be at Elliott Bay Books no later than 5:30 and will stay till at least six for anyone who wants a signed Elements of Cooking or to hear me defend the definition of consomme. The Elliott Bay site notes there are no events scheduled today so what I’m doing is referred to in the biz as a "drop by."  I’m eager to meet the awesome Kate and, of course, any fellow bloggers who happen to be in the area.


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  • Derek

    You should be aware that there is an NFL Football game starting at the exact same time only a few blocks from EBB. It will be quite an adventure making it over there if you’re not already downtown. It might be a good idea to show up early to catch the foodies on their way to the game (me, for example).

  • Frances

    Boh and I made chicken stock today per the advice in Elements. It turned out wonderfully.

    And yes, it took two of us collaborating to accomplish it. Not sure I should admit that.

  • Kathleen

    Michael, sorry I couldn’t help provide better weather. The only thing this weather is good for is making stock, so I’m browning chicken bones as I write this. Great meeting you in Portland at Wordstock. Look forwarding to see you tonight.

    author, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry

  • kanani

    My friend had her reading at Eliot Bay. Great event, well attended, good food and more importantly –she SOLD books!
    Congratulations on your new book.

  • Tags

    I just saw Drew Carey in the crowd (OK, a luxury box) at the Seahawks game on TV. Two great Cleveland personalities within a few blocks of each other in a distant city, on the night after a Clevelander wins the NIC competition?

    On that basis, I predict that the Browns will win the Super Bowl.

  • Tammi

    GAH! that was tonight!? What ugly timing, I wouldn’t be caught dead downtown tonight and I just work a mile south from there…dang…awful night to for your signing with a Monday night game! Luckily the wind storm died down and you have power! My house tried to fly away around 4:30 this morning.

  • Todd

    Speaking of defending the definition of consomme, what are your thoughts on the recent McGee article on other clarifications like the ones the chefs Kamozawa and Talbot employ on Ideas in Food?

  • Margo

    Ruhlman, I think I was a little flustered due to the traffic and crappy parking situation tonight – I meant to buy you a coffee and to have you sign one of those books for a friend of mine as well. I’m probably just going to come to the Art Institute tomorrow so that I can get the rest of my books signed. Have a good night!

  • Suzette

    When are you coming to Madison, Wisconsin?? Hey, we’re a HUGE foodie town, and we also boast the largest Barnes and Noble in the country, now that the one in Manhattan has closed.

    You’ll be most welcome in Madtown!

  • Justo

    Thanks for dropping by Seattle, meeting you was a treat. I’m really looking forward to putting the Elements techniques to good use.

  • Carri

    Kathleen, I have put your book on my holiday wish list…not sure I can wait until then, though! mr. ruhlman, you must be a tad relieved to have this whole NIC thing finally on the table, good thing you have a book tour to occupy your time,eh? Thanks for taking us with you!

  • sorchar

    You got out just in time, Michael, the weather turned back to rainy and gray Sunday.

    Kathleen, I really enjoyed your contributions to the Wordstock panel. I’m looking forward to reading your books.

  • Barry Foy

    The God of Parking staged a miraculous “deus ex parkina” last night, despite the football game, permitting me to slip into Elliott Bay and buy a signed copy of Elements. Perhaps that bodes well for the book’s evil twin, The Devil’s Food Dictionary. Pay us a visit sometime. Nice to meet you, and thanks for your fine work.


  • gb500

    Great to finally meet you last night at Serafina — any chance you could talk Chef Neumark into giving up his recipe for the mustard greens?

  • Uncle Hulka

    Kudos, Mr. Ruhlman!

    On the new site and on the words of wisdom as to not taking things too seriously…

    I vow to direct any and all vitriol solely to a certain Brown and Orange-clad football team who plays their home games on the banks of beautiful Lake Erie…and only in the comfort of my own living room as I watch said team butcher the finer points of the greatest game ever invented.


  • Uncle Hulka

    Kudos, Mr. Ruhlman!

    On the new site and on the words of wisdom as to not taking things too seriously…

    I vow to direct any and all vitriol solely to a certain Brown and Orange-clad football team who plays their home games on the banks of beautiful Lake Erie…and only in the comfort of my own living room as I watch said team butcher the finer points of the greatest game ever invented.


  • tim

    “but I urge commenters to post only words that you would say aloud to whomever it is you are addressing.”

    Ah really? The words I normally say out loud to a person who is in front of me I would never put in the written form. Especially someplace that’s indexed and archived.

    (yay! a less lame design! much better)

  • Gina

    Really like the site redesign. It was great to meet you at Serafina – you are in person exactly as you represent yourself here and in your books. That doesn’t always happen but is certainly true in your case. Continued safe travels and success on your book tour.

  • Chance (Is I Am Or I Know Your Boss)

    I am looking forward to the Ruhlman & Bourdain event @ B & N on 03 Dec. 2007

    Will this be the first link-up between the two, on their respective book tours?

    Also, I think it’s a wee-bit silly, for some readers to accuse Ruhlman of timing his appearance on NICA with his book tour: every writer of fair-to-great prominence with something to plug, is on the road at this time of the year (or any time of the year; since book tours are “booked” up to half a year in advance.)

    Now, was the timing fortuitous?


    And, what’s wrong with that?

    It’s a happy coincidence, and in this day and age of the over-under – it’s not only the strong that survive, but the lucky who put in the effort.

    What Ruhlman has to say, about cooking, cuisine – as a way of life in both overt and subtle ways, is important. It is contextual, but it’s a metaphor for society that is as old as the world, and, at times, just as nasty and unforgiving as the Spice Trade.

    Speaking of book tours, has anyone here attended one (or more) of Nigella Lawson’s appearances? If so, how was she? I like what she brings to the table, so to speak.

    Also, I think (Keith) FLOYD is fab. Always loved the rustic on the road approach.

    He’s a bit of a tragic figure, and doesn’t quite fit the mold, but who wants Bundt Cake, anyway?

    For anyone visiting NYC for Ruhlman & Bourdain, I recommend you dine at PRUNE (yes, I knew pre-No Reservations, but even if I hadn’t, who cares about trying to be cool?)

    If you want some awesome Rice & Beans (w/Platanos Maduros atop) and the best Empanadas in NYC, visit SUCELT.

    Of course, if you’re @ B & N, you could visit Keller’s Per Se or Bouchon, as well as Masa, over @ Time-Warner, but you want to be able to afford the books for the signing, right? 😉

  • Claudia

    Chance, 12/3 is and will be the only Bourdain/Ruhlman “tag team” book-signing of this tour (so far). They both have books out simultaneously, and Tony wrote the intro for Elements, so it gives these two yet another amazing opportunity for chaos, mayhem and general good fun. Bring a camera – and bail money. (For THEM, Chance, not you!)

  • Chance (Is I Am Or I Know Your Boss)

    @Claudia: Thank you, Claudia, for the intel on the co-signing, as well as on the books (I’ve been busy, in the dark, and there’s so that goes on in my town that, well, it’s easy to take for granted, and hard to keep track of all!)

    I will certainly bring a camera, bail money – is it Cash-Only? – and calling cards of any lawyers I know who are on “fraternal” retainer, just incase chefly and authorly bedlam ensues ;-))

    Also, I thought the signing was @ B & N Lincoln Square, but it’s @ B & N Union Square.

    One more thing, and I’m not sure if it’s ever been mentioned, but from the first time to any other that, I think of Ruhlman’s book title, I can’t help but think of a channeling of sorts, to the King of Undergraduate Termpaper Funk & Aesthetics, William Strunk, Jr., and his “Elements of Style.”

    Strunk is an Ohioan (Cincy), taught at an Ivy (Cornell) and we all know his text to be a classic. The text was also (later) revised by E. B. White, and we also know White’s connection to The New Yorker (as well as Ruhlman’s fondness of and for Gill and the magazine.)

    And so, my guess, is, Ruhlman, is some sense, aimed for the stars and also hit the moon in the process: if one’s going to aim, then, yes, make it high as possible, right!? 🙂

    I must admit to, not having yet read any of Ruhlman’s books (and I’ve only read two of Bourdain’s) but that status shall soon change.

    One more mention for Ruhlman, is, he’ll partake in a demonstration @ Macy’s on 11/29/07 (will Ruhlman be hitting the talk show circuit, or any of the Food shows; both Cable Access and Basic Cable?)

    Anyway, here’s a URL to more info on the Macy’s gig:


    And, I hope there’s a film crew documenting Ruhlmans, if not, at least the upcoming appearance with Bourdain, journey, for a future broadcast or DVD.

    P. S.: If Tyler Florence (of Arabia) uses the term “fantastic,” again, to describe something that clearly isn’t, I’m going to have more than a hissy fit of sorts.

  • Claudia

    I don’t know if Macy’s is officially taping the Degustibus gig on 11/29. But given there are no restrictions on recording devices of any kind at B&N, I might try to tape that one, since a few Ruhlmanesi/Bourdainesi who cannot be in NYC for this galactically stupendous alignment of the planets and stars have been weeping and begging me to.

    BTW, every booksigning I’ve ever been to takes both cash and plastic, as does the NYPD’s central booking, in case Tony and Michael need to be bailed out (!)

    The B&N gig with Bourdain is on 12/3 at UNION Square (17th Street), and the B&N Bourdain only gig is on 12/15 at the Tribeca store on Greenwich Street. Not only is Prune nearby, but so is the Spotted Pig. Now THAT’S my full intel (!)

  • Chance (Is I Am Or I Know Your Boss)


    You ROCK – thank you for that off-the-hook intel! 🙂

    I hope you do tape!

    LOL @ bail payment options for R & B 😉

    Ah, Spotted Pig, too. YUMMY.

    Hope to see you there (Union Sq.) and I think AB’s not doing any of the UWS B & Ns’ to be an egregious oversight on his part, and injustice to the ‘hood in which he grew-up (well, here and there).