83 Wonderful responses to “Vegansexual?”

  • artnlit

    Is this like liberals not wanting to have sex with right-wing conservatives?? Maybe the problem with the vegans is that they don’t want pork, period!

  • latenac

    I saw that. I couldn’t believe some of the comments why does it matter? Of course if you have a strongly held belief of some sort whether it’s veganism or catholicism you’d prefer to only sleep with people or develop relationships with people who believe the same as you do.

  • Frances

    While I have the utmost respect for peoples’ dietary and moral decisions, the people in that interview seemed a bit OCD’ish to me. It must be hard to live in a world filled with composite animal carcasses wandering around.

  • Big Red

    Animals were put on this planet for the specific reason for people to eat them. we did not climb to the top of the food chain to eat what they do. That is not to say I do not have a HUGE respect for animals. I do. They are delicious. But in the right hands can become part of a trancendental experience that is as close to religion as I get. To each his own, but all in all I like animals as they provide an important ingredient to to my own religious experience. Being a hash cook myself serving homemade simple cuisine I have to say I have a deep respect for the common cow and pig. They are dieties within themselves. But my secret underground black leather club involves a good guiness (poured correctly thank you) and foie. Odd? Maybe, but I worship and make love to this in my own way.

  • Bob delGrosso

    I’ve got a better question. Is it okay for a vegan to have sex with a human at all?

    After all humans are animals and sex involves the consumption of bodily fluids ( a de facto animal product) by at least one partner.

    Come to think of it, since saliva is a bodily fluid they probably should not kiss either.

    I say no,given the vegan ethos which prohibits the consumption of animal products by humans, it is not acceptable for a vegan to have sex with a human. Moreover it should be rigidly enforced. So with a little luck vegans will fail to reproduce and so will have to rely on recruitment to add to their ranks and in a few generations, become extinct -just like the Shakers.

    Now I’ll go back to my cave and try to decide whether or not I actually believe anything I’ve written here.

  • jen

    A terrifying mix of P.C.ism, racism, and fascism. “I only mix with my own kind” smacks of eugenics. Vegans are fringe loonies no different than fundementalist Christians, women who demans shar’ia law (veil all day all night) and pro-lifers.

  • French Laundry at Home

    I must be 12 because I snickered when I read “a man who eats meat.” Here in the big city, that takes on a whoooolllee different meaning.

    :::: off to go hang my head in shame :::::

    Actually, as a dedicated carnivore, I don’t date vegetarians or vegans. Because, really. What’s the point? And, no offense to those who are sober, but I never dated AA guys either because food and wine are a big part of my life and if I can’t share them with the person I’m in a relationship with, that’s a problem.

    But, for the record, I have dated Republicans.

  • fiat lux

    Vegans are people who go to an extreme in one major aspect of their lives; it’s no great surprise that they might be extreme in other aspect as well.

  • t-scape

    >>I’ve got a better question. Is it okay for a vegan to have sex with a human at all? << That was my very first question. In my opinion, it isn't, because in one way or another your body is receiving an animal product. If you're going to be purists, then be purists all the way. (Unless certain orifices have a special dispensation from being vegan?) The way I see it, it's not just that people with like interests are attracted to each other because their lifestyles coincide. In this case it goes beyond that - they won't have sex with non-vegans because the idea of animal products in their partners' bodies outright repulses them. It's getting to a point where some people's worlds get so small that, just thinking about it, makes my claustrophobia flare up.

  • Jennie/Tikka

    Interesting topic to wake up to this a.m.

    Being a carnivore myself (and a big fan of sex) I think I’d shun a vegan partner….I’d be afraid they’d wear themselves out too early, not being very well-nourished and all.

    I’ll stick with the lusty meat-eating set, thank you very much, and leave the “I weep at sunset” vegans to their own devices.

  • Art

    The Old Testament Laws can and should be broken down into 4 Categories:

    1) Civil

    2) Separateness

    3) Ritual

    4) Moral

    Because of Christ’s shed blood at Cavalry, only (4) the Moral Laws apply to Christians.

    Hope that was helpful. Not sure if it applies to Vegans or not.

  • JsinGood

    Judging from the photograph, they really didn’t need make-up artists to film Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. I’m reminded of the old George Carlin line, paraphrased from memory, “Have you ever noticed that most of the people against abortion are women you wouldn’t want to fuck anyway?”

    What bothers me is not the concept of vegans mingling and coupling with those that share their interests or personal concerns, but that the media seems to think that these idiots making these stupid statements is somehow news. Hey, what next, the New York Times doing a story about a Jewish girl that only wants to date Jewish men? Dog bites man.

    What I also find troublesome is this assertion:
    “I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance.” If they’re suggesting that the biologies of omnivorous humans are somehow fundamentally different from the biologies of vegan humans, then I have no idea why a decent reporter would just quote this and let it remain unchallenged. Hey, pseudo-journalist nimrods, it’s your JOB to check the accuracy of statements people make. Not everything is “opinion” and thus unverifiable.

  • paulius

    True story: way back in my waiter days, I was reciting the specials to a table. They were a young couple, looked like a “first date” scenario. I’m describing the veal, blahblahblah, when the gentleman interupts me to state in a most indignant tone, that HE “did not eat anything with a face”. To which I replied -to his date-
    “Oh you poor dear…”

  • Jennie/Tikka

    “I now pronounce you Vegan & Vegan. You may commence considering everyone who is not exactly like you disgusting, until death do you part. Amen.”

    No animals were harmed in the making of this couple – but several billion humans were derided (which doesn’t count because they’re less important than animals).

  • JaxieWaxieWoo

    Thanks for the snort, Paulius. That was pretty damn funny…

  • julie

    Tiny fringe groups like this are so helpful in giving people who hate vegans something new to marginalize and laugh at them ALL for. Too easy.

    For me, this article kind of falls into the idea of “…whatever”. I don’t really care how adults choose their consensual sex partners.

    Why would this bother anyone (unless you’re a meat-eater hot for a New Zealand vegan)? Seems an utterly harmless personal choice to me….

  • Tags

    I guess it depends if you’re straight, butch, or nancy – since the question doesn’t include lesbians. There’s enough of them in the movies anyway.

  • bourdain

    So….I guess this means none of us have a chance to score with Dr. Zaius?

  • Big Red

    This brought another point to mind…we humans use sex for more that just a way to get off, because, lets face it if Orgasm is the goal here it is much easier by yourself. But I know being a history buff maybe it is like spying on the enemy? How many centuries have ladies in waiting slept with military dignaties to get information for the other side?

    But if you won’t sleep with a vegan or with a meat eater…really is it that different that the fact I don’t date someone with a smack habit? But sex and dating are 2 different things. If you lifestyle is that rigid that you cannot even F**k out of the box, then I feel sorry for you. You may miss out on a good time because of your “body politic” (Ok bad cliche but you get the point?)

  • daniel


    I thought of that exact Carlin line myself!

    But I think he says ‘person’ not women. sounds a bit nicer I think.
    “Have you ever noticed that most of the people against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?”

  • Big Red

    ok, Dr Zaius…very funny. Also, Paulius, even more funny. Very sorry for that man’s date. I’ll bet the first was the last! That is very high up on a woman’s satisfaction scale, and the whole concept of no longer eating meat would leave me with much time on my hands. My husband would be spending more time in the batting cages for sure. Now I shall join french laundry and hang my hed in shame in between the laughing.

  • NTSC

    Larry Block has a series of novels about a NY detective, Matt Scudder.

    He is an alcoholic ex cop who has been dry for 20 or so years. His girl-friend/wife is a Jewish vegetarian retired hooker.

    He eats meat and will continue to do so until bacon is pronounced a vegetable. Block never gets that explicit, but leave little doubt she swallows.

    Then there is the Xmas that a hoodlum friend with a farm gives them a ham. And then realizes that he has just given this to a Jewish vegetarian.

  • FoodPuta

    I like Vegans;

    I have mine with Fava-Beans, and a nice Chianti.

  • Joel

    Wow, some of the comments are a bit disturbing. Especially for a topic that is, a non-topic. People generally associate with people of the same belief systems. Nothing new here other than these people are a bit unique in their beliefs.

  • Sorcha

    The real question is: Do vegans have enough stamina to sleep with anybody?

    Bourdain: Apes are omnivores – bugs is meat, after all. Your homobestial fantasies are still a possibility. 😉

  • InyamoRian

    I have to admit to having a dear friend who is trying hard to live a “vegan lifestyle.” In her kitchen the only meat products to be found are the foods she feeds her 6 cats and 2 dogs. She still wears a pair or two of shoes with leather in them that she owned before converting to veganism. Since converting she has only purchased shoes and clothing not made with animal byproducts. I have to admire her tenacity for living life the way she wants and not hiding her non-mainstream beliefs by keeping them to herself.
    However I chose the word converting on purpose – it is with a religious fervor that she speaks of the health benefits and how good she feels since removing animal products from her diet. Her pupils dilate, her skin becomes radiant, and body language more animated when she speaks of “the lifestyle”. On second thought maybe it’s more of a sexual arousal than a religious fervor – but either way it’s creepy. I often find myself wanting to tell her about my childhood trips to the family farm when my grandmother thought it was important to take me down for a hog butchering or to ride to the locker plant when the steer was delivered and go to pick it up once it was hard frozen white butcher paper wrapped packages. Admittedly it was a little hard to watch a hog being killed and butchered, it stunk when my great grandmother made lye soap; but it sure did smell good when later that day we made apple and pear butter. The fresh bacon and sausage sure did taste good with those flaky biscuits made with butter and fresh buttermilk that my great grandmother would cook for over a dozen people every morning. So perhaps I am getting my own perverse pleasure in regaling my friend with my hedonistic misspent youth in the rural hinterlands of the Midwest.
    At a recent dinner at her house we were joined by another vegan who made vegan pierogis with dough of spelt flour, flax seed meal & water (as egg replacement); a filling of organic smashed potatoes, soy cheese substitute, and organic sauerkraut. I was very thankful that we were eating while sitting on the floor in the living room where the dogs were close enough to give what I could not eat. I really tried to eat them; in the end I was very thankful my contribution to the meal was berry compote that was a thousand times more edible than the stuffed dumplings. I am also thankful that dogs will eat anything – later on I sneaked a couple of proper dog treats to them as thanks.
    So what’s the point of all this, other than to vent about my wacky good friend? Well, it’s that I admire how frank she is with people who are doing things she doesn’t agree with. She speaks her mind. She knows who she is. She has a vision for reaching her goals in life. Though I still have to chuckle at her when she is fishing bees and other bugs still moving out of a pool, wishing them a good life as she puts them down on the patio with a smile; instead of shoving them towards the skimmer baskets like everyone else in the pool is doing. She lives how she wants – and while she wishes other people would adopt her ways she still goes out with friends who are eating meat and while she might involuntarily shrug at seeing the bloody steak on their plate she never stands and points a finger at them calling them cow- killer in a crowded restaurant. I think the diversity she brings to any group is valuable and that in life it is always interesting to learn other people’s ideas and beliefs. It’s even better to have your own ideas and beliefs and be able to live as you want while allowing others to live as they want. (Yes that was just an endorsement for a libertine life – or maybe just for more libertarian influences in a currently more restrictive “nanny state”.)

  • Jennie/Tikka

    Seriously – let’s just think about this for just a sec.

    Imagine two chefs (we’ll say male). One is sensually slurping down fresh oysters while looking at you with enough heat in those eyes to make Ron Jeremy blush – the other is contemplating lemon grass and becomes dizzy due to a partial erection. Which one do you suppose is going to be better in bed???

    I leave it to the jury to decide! 😀

  • Gorilla Bob

    Vegans are annoying because they always use phony science or crackhead ideas about people to justify their dietary choices. Would that we could round ’em up and take ’em away!
    And the question remains, can a Vegan swallow? It’s animal protein, after all.

  • papi

    here’s the deal according to papi:

    -i’m a carnivore who had porked(meatly pun intended) vegans

    -vegans give great head and swallow

    -they usually have amazing bodies

    -and they are colonically cleansed the natural way, which makes for more (and cleaner) travels to and adventures in, along, and around the Hershey Highway

    i’ve also porked a lot of carnivores, and some of them didn’t eat meat the way some here equate diet-lifestyle choice with sexual prowess and finesse.

  • papi

    “Dr. Zaius”

    Hola, Bourdain:

    Certainly, there was at least one Vegan at Montana Eve, who had mad back like an ape and swallowed.

    Talk about a meat packer.

  • Jim

    “So….I guess this means none of us have a chance to score with Dr. Zaius?”

    Posted by: bourdain | August 02, 2007 at 02:02 PM

    You might have a shot there, I heard Dr. Zaius was into bananas…

  • steven

    Vegans have purposely put themselves lower on the food chain, they are fair game now. Vegans = Free Range People.

  • artnlit

    Papi spoke:

    “Bourdain – have you seen this yet?:

    Hmmm, it’s a toss up between that and the “I Lust Bourdain” ones! LMAO. Or somewhat more related to this topic – “Pigs are a magical animal”

    So who wants to creat the Dr. Zaius one?

  • papi

    It looks like Justice John Roberts wrote it during a seizure.

    Posted by: Tana | August 03, 2007 at 01:08 PM

    You’ve actually witness his having one of two in his lifetime, or were you mistaken and it was an jizzfest from an orgasm, instead?


    (Agreed: the font is wacked, and looks as if Racheal Ray wrote it with a squeeze bottle, while she was getting nailed from behind by Jacques Pepin: 30 Minute Meals My Way.

  • Big Red

    Agreed: the font is wacked, and looks as if Racheal Ray wrote it with a squeeze bottle, while she was getting nailed from behind by Jacques Pepin: 30 Minute Meals My Way.

    Please, even Pepin has his standards…granted they are not that high…Although something my ex-husband used to say springs to mind…”any port in a storm?”

  • Erin

    While I have body image issues just like the next girl, I’ve never thought of myself as composed of animal carcasses. Meh. I wouldn’t want to sleep with a vegan, anyway. How good in bed can you be if you’re freaked out my something like bacon? Obviously not sensualists, most vegans are sickly, pasty, and those hemp sheets are NOT comfortable.

  • Big Red

    This sight has some answers on what is Vegan and what is not…This should stem some interesting thoughts! My fav is about bugs and flies! Do they actually have enough energy to kill a fly anyway? And this person took the time to break down every compound in food and decided whether it is Vegan or not. Meanwhile there are more important thigns going on in the world. Namingly when are the plots to assasinate Britney Spears gonna work? It’s like shooting a ho in a trailer park.

  • Snoozer

    I think Dennis Miller (back when he was funny, long ago) said: animals have three reasons for existance — to keep me warm, to look good on me, and to be delicious. His version was snappier, but you get the drift.

  • cesia

    “When you are vegan or vegetarian, you are very aware that when people eat a meaty diet, they are kind of a graveyard for animals,” she said.

    Is it me? or is this lady just crazy?
    All I know is that after great sex one needs a great meal to recuperate…bacon does the trick.

  • REM

    OMG, you mean Bourdain was at Montana Eve? You mean I might have eaten a burger cooked by Tony over 20 years ago and not even known it? Next thing you know I’ll find out I ate fried clams made by Jaques Pepin at Hojo’s when I was a kid!

    I’ll never forget the time my mother and I ate at Montana Eve and just happened to run into James Michener. *Sigh*, those were the days….

  • REM

    I knew a couple of vegans on a mailing list and they were some of the most extreme wackos anyone could ever meet. I am usually pretty live and let live about what people eat but these people elevate it to the level of a Fundie cult. To them veganism is a cause and the world needs to be converted. They are more judgmental that Christian Fundies and just as prejudiced. They not only preach the “good news” of veganism but claim that meat eaters are filthy murderers. They have no problem telling you how evil you are for just doing what has come naturally to the human race and its antecedents for millions of years. And just like Fundies, they don’t give up on you until you’re converted. This business about not having sex with non vegans is just another example of their typical extremism. I agree with whoever said that they are likely extreme in other areas of their lives too. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    What gets me is the two people in the photo don’t exactly make great poster children for the cause of veganism. They don’t look particularly healthy and/or energetic to me.

  • The Purple Afghani

    Jesus on a jetski . . . I am full of carcasses? These vegansexuals must have eaten a batch of grains with a massive ergot infection.

  • Sean

    Really why is this in any way relevant? It is just another oppurtunity for the mainstream press to marginalize vegans as if it didn’t happen enough already.

    And for all the inane comments about “is swallowing vegan” or “vegans can’t have sex” – think about that for a second. Vegans object to the exploitation of animals because those animals can’t make a choice to be exploited; they are under our dominion whether we weild that responsibly or not. Humans do have a choice and thus consensual sexual activity is entirely vegan. If you spend a few minutes looking online you’ll find vegan communities that focus on sexual issues, fetishes, etc.

    Then again you all just wanted to get off on slamming vegans so please go on stroking your egos and let us vegans engage in our form of hot beef injection in peace.

  • Chris

    I just want to know what’s next? Vegans deciding in case of a medical emergency, they wanted to be treated by another Vegan or a Vegetarian? Will they wear bracelets that say “I am a Vegan. In case of Accident, call a Vegetarian?” Good lord, what would they do if they started choking on some rhubarb or something like that, and had to be saved by some guy who just finished a Whopper. Would they turn down mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or would even the Heimlich be a faux pas coming from someone who ate dead animal flesh?

    Frankly, if they’re that persnickity over their bed partners … they’re going to be way persnickity in bed. Who wants that?

    Okay fellow Clevelanders, who lives close enough to Ruhlman’s house to sneak over and affix a “Bourdain Makes Me Moist” bumpersticker onto his car’s bumper????

  • carole

    thought this a bit harsch…forget the “fucl” & “ass” your a better writer with a better vocabulary…glad you’re having fun with this..will see both the Rat & Res
    & can’t wait for the Iron Chef! or for Sundays lunch!

  • papi

    freaking vegans. read ’em & weep:

    Top London store stops selling foie gras

    Fri Aug 3, 2:43 PM ET

    Top London store Harvey Nichols has decided to stop selling foie gras following protests by animal rights groups, a spokesman said Friday.

    “Once our stocks are being sold, we’ll be no longer be purchasing anymore. It’s a commercial decision,” a spokeswoman for the store in the capital’s posh Knightsbridge district told AFP.

    Harvey Nichols was targeted by animal rights’ campaigners demonstrating in front of its shops in the Scottish capital Edinburgh as well as the English city of Manchester recently.

    British-based animal rights group VIVA! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) welcomed the decision.

    “Obviously we are very very pleased that Harvey Nichols has stopped selling foie gras. It shows that the British public is actually rejecting foie gras,” said spokesman Justin Kerswell.

    “There are two reasons for that: the first one is the public pressure. We had peaceful demonstrations outside Harvey Nicols in Edinburgh and Manchester. It’s also because they say they’re selling less and less foie gras now.”

    And he said another luxury store in Knightsbridge would follow suit.

    “We will be contacting Harrods to say that Harvey Nicols has shown that you can have luxury without cruelty,” he added.

    Foie gras — French for fatty liver — is commonly produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so that their livers become engorged and expand up to 10 times the normal size.

  • Big Red

    I’ll be in Cleveland over Xmas. I’ll do the bumper sticker on Ruhlman’s car if someone will sneak over to Tony’s and put a sign in front of his apartment that “Ruhlman Makes me Hot” Next to a picture of Bobby Flay’s Restaurant?

    PS When are we going to see more of you guys together. I LMFAO over the Vegas show.

  • realitybites

    Vegans avoid consuming animal products because they believe that animals are harmed in the process of producing these foods. Human breast milk and semen are not off limits, as no animals were harmed during harvesting. In fact, some might argue that the acts of procuring them produced great pleasure for the donors. 🙂

    And Bob DG, run-of-the-mill intercourse involves absorption of body fluids–not consumption. It’s only food if it ends up in the stomach. 😀

  • Bob delGrosso

    My comment was half tongue in cheek and half aimed at provoking a response like yours and not the pornographic and self-pleasuring smut that seems to have followed it. (I realize I may be overstating the effect of my comment here and that the Onanic rhetoric may have sprung solely from the content of the original post.)

    I totally get why vegans don’t want to consume animal product’s and I believe that their take on cause and effect is rational: the use of animal products causes animal suffering and death (that it also causes animal procreation is oddly besides the point but whatever). But I digress.

    What I was hoping to do was to open a dialog about what is and what is not eating. Or phrased more closely to your comment, is there really any difference between “absorption” of an animal product through the mucosa and ingestion via the mouth?
    Is a blood transfusion fundamentally different from drinking human blood?

    Is drinking fundamentally different from eating, injection, inhalation, fornication, absorption, implantation etc?

    To you point about it’s only eating if it ends up in the stomach: it never ends in the stomach. The food we eat ends up in the same places as almost everything else we ingest. For example water from food moves osmotically from the lining of the intestine into the blood in exactly the same way that water from semen moves from the mucosa into the blood. What’s the difference? I’m sure I do not know.

  • kevinlimbo

    I’ve seen the breast milk pump in action, and there doesn’t appear to be anything enjoyable about it.

  • sfchin

    Thanks, Bob. Way to make me look up onanism. For the rest of us:

    1. withdrawal of the penis in sexual intercourse so that ejaculation takes place outside the vagina; coitus interruptus.
    2. masturbation.

  • junglegirl

    Saying the sole purpose of existance for animals is for people to eat them is like saying the sole purpose of women is to birth babies or the sole purpose of black people is to serve white men. Uh. Yeah…right.

    I used to love eating meat until I suddenly no longer enjoyed it at all. There is no logical reason, and while I could explain it to someone with an open mind, is there any point in discussing it with people who pose arguments like the one above?

    Also, it’s been well-documented that people who eat animal products smell much differently than vegans. Native Americans gagged on the B.O. of the settlers, apparantly, and though that was about dairy, it’s descriptive of what it’s like for a vegan/meateater on a sexual level. Decaying plant matter actually smells just as bad as decayed meat but it’s a fact that our body processes it faster and more efficiently then it does animal products so B.O. ceases to be an issue for a vegan after a few years of the body rebuilding itself with plant matter. Chlorophyll is a deodorizer.

    The meat eater lovers I’ve had in the past each spontaneously commented about how ‘clean/pure’ I smelled and, um, ‘felt’ and loved that about me. Hey ~ I’m just saying, for the record ‘n everything… ; )

  • jellyknees

    “Maybe the problem with Vegans is that they don’t want pork, period.”

    Artnlit: I always enjoy your posts over at the Travel Channel site, but this time you outdid yourself, very funny!

    (I wish I could remember which chef he was talking about here)….

    Bourdainism: He cooks like he’s never been properly laid…..


  • lovefemalesveganbutt

    Bob delGrosso vomited:

    “My comment was half tongue in cheek and half aimed at provoking a response like yours and not the pornographic and self-pleasuring smut that seems to have followed it. (I realize I may be overstating the effect of my comment here and that the Onanic rhetoric may have sprung solely from the content of the original post.)”

    Hey, Big Bob: Your comment was more like half of your tongue between your own butt cheek.

    Lighten up, you overweight prude, and shove your quasi high-cylinder vocabulary up your ass with the other half of your tongue.

  • jungleboy

    “The meat eater lovers I’ve had in the past each spontaneously commented about how ‘clean/pure’ I smelled and, um, ‘felt’ and loved that about me. Hey ~ I’m just saying, for the record ‘n everything… ; )

    Posted by: junglegirl | August 06, 2007 at 02:54 PM”

    i know i loved it when i tapped that!

    hey, junglewench – you like getting rimmed?

  • realitybites

    Bob DG, thanks for replying to my post.

    A simple definition for food is any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue.

    Calories are what gives us energy. And calories can only be absorbed through the gastrointestinal system (putting food in your mouth) and cannot be absorbed through the mucosa of the vagina. I suppose if there were a tear in the vagina and some nutrients from the semen ended up in the blood stream and were metabolized by the liver, then semen could be considered food.

    You brought up some good points though. What is food? Is diet soda a food even though it has no calories and fails to nourish the body in any way?

    And then there is IV feeding–proteins, fats, and sugars enter the blood stream and are metabolized in the liver. So are these supplements food then? I really don’t know.

  • Bob delGrosso

    The problem with defining food as anything that contains nutrients that can supply energy and building blocks (e.g. amino acids) can be summed up with one word: water.

    Water seems to qualify as a
    part or building block of tissue but is not considered food by most people. So who’s right, you or all the others who would say you were nuts to call water food?

    And what about all those atomic and subatomic particles that whiz through us – some of and end up being incorporated into tissue and bone? Aren’t they food by that definition?

    I think that when you really drill down into the fundamental physical nature of the relationship between the body and everything else things get really fuzzy, and that some of the labels that we apply to things begin to make very little sense.

    Reality becomes something like the way that some physicists describe it: a continuum of matter and energy with nodes of more and less temporarily organized “bundles” of matter and energy moving along it.

    I’m not sure that thinking about any of this has any real value, but it’s fun to think through it sometimes.

  • realitybites

    Thanks again Bob for your reply. I think there is great value in asking these questions. (Food for thought? Sorry, had to go there. :D) It is good to be inquisitive about our world and all its intricacies.

  • Bob delGrosso

    S Woody
    Big Red

    Why the need to change your name so often? It kind of makes it hard to know how to respond to your comments.

  • Skawt

    S Woody
    Big Red

    We know who you are and where you work. Keep it up and you might find me posting something you would rather not OBSERVE.

  • sil

    Wow. I’ve never seen so many fervent remarks against vegans. I have been vegetarian for 23 years and have gone for short periods when I don’t eat cheese or eggs. Frankly, I don’t care what anybody else eats. I have never dated a vegetarian but have found that my dietary choices seem to turn some guys off. So what. Those are usually the narrow-minded ones anyway that I would just as soon not see again. Just as I don’t like someone’s religion shoved down my throat ( I’m atheist) I don’t want to be told what to eat. I know what makes me feel healthy. And that’s the bottom line, being healthy.
    To get back to the subject, there are fanatics of all kinds: vegan, omnivore, christian, etc., etc.

    Yes, we should all practice acceptance (which is very different from tolerance mind you).

  • ManInMelbourne

    Are there any vegansexual females in Melbourne..If so a vegetariansexual male would be interested in catching up…..


  • bel

    I find meatheads tiresome, they all have the same meat jokes and the same put downs. And the same ‘I love animals, they’re delicious!’ humour… arghh it’s so frustrating! Perhaps vegans only sleep with other vegans because the intelligence is obviously going to be there. Meat jokes are so very old and boring. And the people who say them time and time again are perhaps simply unworthy to taste the fresh vegan body.

  • Porolita

    People, Veganism is about stopping non-human animal exploitation. Having sex has nothing to do with that. To say that vegans shouldn’t have sex (oral included) because they’d receive “body fluids from an animal” is retarded.

    If someone wants to be vegansexual, it’s their choice. I’m married to someone not vegan. Whatever.

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